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  1. Hi, Rose in Nebraska, for now. That performance artist, Tim Youd, has been mentioned on OTP before, some time back, with some visuals attached. Also, in ‘Caroline Says’, Malik’s slightly withdrawn son, Jayden (he gradually comes out of his shell), uses that method to write down his thoughts about his suicidal mother, amongst other things. But that’s about a hundred or one-hundred-and-fifty pages back. Here’s a link to Youd: https://noma.org/artist-types-retypes-novels-onto-single-sheet-in-homage-to-the-writing-process/

  2. Hi, LaDonna. I’m very happy you like my poems.
    As a previous long comment from me on OTP shows, I’m totally with you on abortion rights. You, at least, after your horrifying trauma, had a supportive mother. So many victims are made to feel guilty even when they are raped by these moronic, so-called ‘religious’, so-called ‘ethical’ arseholes who equate a foetus with a person. And while that equation persists, they will continue to terrorise women everywhere by using legislature against them. (Yes, I do believe that many of the people who pass these antiquated laws are rapists themselves. They are condoning powerlessness and rape and the withdrawal of a basic human right to do as you wish with your own body; not to have to do as somebody else, usually a man, or a religious person, decrees.) But I’m going to stop here, I can feel my blood pressure rising.

  3. Mike, okay Are we all heading to Wyoming? I’m in, anyone else? Are goats expensive? They have internet right? So we can submit our OTPs. Did you watch Nomadland? We could write stories about how/why our commune works.

  4. I don’t know about the rest of you but I reject the statement put forth in these pages yesterday that the French hate white Americans. Perhaps the poster was joking. If so, it was a poor joke, saying France is a nation of bigots.

    1. Even though I don’t agree with statements like the one about the french, I rather prefer a honest opinion over a painted trojan horse. I read the statement again and I can’t find this meaning in them. Maybe because I’m not french. But still, I rather get offended and know where I am with a person. I don’t want to read something artificially constructed to hide the true meaning behind a wall of nice words. I’m not saying that is how you should see it. But to me this is what’s special about a place like this, that people can speak openly.

  5. Mike, I love it high up in the Tetons. Fine place for a high altitude Typospherean commune. Tourist. The Tetons are filled with Tourists and rich people.

    Alex, Congrats on your new Baby!

    Rose, I hope you enjoy your new fountain pen. Ask for a suggestion on which one to purchase and if there are 100 people who read this page you will get at least a hundred different favorite fountain pen answers.

  6. My only reservation about residing in Wyoming is the weather, and while I’ve never owned a coat, I could probably learn to wear one. (haha I’ve never owned a Goat OR a Coat!) There’s already a catchy theme song (I think this applies to Wyoming, but I may be wrong): Home…..Home on the Range….Where the Deer and the Antelope (and Goats) Roam, Where Seldom is Heard, A Discouraging Word, and the Skies are not Cloudy All Day…. I’ve never been to Wyoming, but sure sounds like a cool place for any typospherian commune. I nominate Linda for Mayor!!!

  7. LaDonna: It’s always baffling to me how many stories like that are out there. It’s very brave of you to talk of your experience like you do. Not because of the subject itself, but of how deep something like that sits and how it can bring utterly devastation to the psychological health. It can be like facing a storm. But facing it can calm it too. Women will always have my full support regarding choice, not only but especially for those reasons. It has to be up to them, everything else is ridiculous.

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