6 thoughts on “Sunday, July 3, 2022

  1. Roger, I do not think leaving laws up to each state is wise. We are the United States of America. This is why we have red states and blue states. If your rights are removed and you can’t move to another state because of job or family that is horrible. Some states want to become their own country we’ll see how that works. Texas and Florida will try it first. Men have rights, now women and all black and brown people, all children, teachers, doctors are living in fear and at risk.

  2. Hi Linda. You wouldn’t allow the states to make their own laws? Well, I guess we can go ahead and dissolve the legislatures then. Save money. Some of the pols here in Arkansas like to cheat on their per diem. How will they feed their families? But there I go trying to be funny. Unfortunately, the founders — oh wait, should I say those old oppressors, those racist white men who cooked this whole thing up? F ‘em — disagreed with you about the role of the states. It’s all there in the civics books.

  3. Roger, I think we both agree with Chief Justice Roberts opinion that Roe vs. Wade should not have been overturned in it’s entirety. Per my OTP, it was “faulty law” — a table built on wobbly legs in 1973, mostly by men, and male doctors. Remember though, in 1973 we only had a total of 16 women in the Congressional House and Senate. Probably even less in the individual state legislatures. Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman SCOTUS justice was not appointed until 1981. Linda in DC, Currently, our only recourse is legal battles and legislative bills on a state-by-state basis. California will be a big battleground, because it has always been a formidable leader and progressively pragmatic. We currently have a total of 147 women in the House and Senate (27%), and 4 of 9 women on SCOTUS. We have a lot of work to do to retain our rights as citizens and women must be central in the deliberations. Xicano, I too worry about Christian Nationalism–it is also becoming a safe haven for neo-Nazi skin heads.

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