5 thoughts on “Thursday, July 7, 2022

  1. M.J.: I had a similar experience. I didn’t know what they were when I first saw them. It freaked me out. I researched and found out quickly. It’s crazy when you see them…

    Catalina: So good that the Calico is back!

    Leo: Very well put, that’s kind of the definition of art. I had a discussion once with a guy. I said that the table we sat on, if we took it and everything on it and put it in a white room, it would be art. He disagreed. He said art would have to be something one works for, like a painting. It’s two different perspectives. To him it would be just a table, to me it would be a moment in time, caught like a photograph, and as long as left undisturbed, something unique to behold.

    LaDonna: He has the same eyes! Very cool pictures. And good for you to gain those insights!

  2. Thank you, Alex H. So much depends on placement and perception. The poem is based on a screenshot I took from an otherwise forgettable B-Noir (though no B-Noir is truly forgettable), and the cinematographer had to make a great number of decisions for a shot that lasted a few seconds; I know they didn’t set out to ‘make art’ but if I perceive it that way, even after removing it from its original context (your ‘white room’), then who’s to say it isn’t?

  3. La Donna, you are amazing — and a shining star for people going through and overcoming trauma. It’s hard work — I read and reflect on all the love that has grown. I see the compassion in your eyes (mask not withstanding) and your son’s eyes.

    1. I am grateful for your words! The 3 thoughtful adults that somehow evolved out of the chaos of being raised by a teen mom- they are so different yet full of the same compassion and values that even in a large group one would know instantly that they are siblings.

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