6 thoughts on “Friday, July 8, 2022

  1. Re: butterflies (and I’ve never seen butter fly, except at breakfast table arguments) I came across this haiku by Buson today:

    But if I held it…
    could I touch the
    lightness of this

    (from: The Four Seasons, Japanese Haiku Second Series, The Peter Pauper Press, 1958, no translator credited)

  2. Barbara: I’m curious as to how you know that news organizations such as the two newspapers you mentioned skew the news to their own agenda. Can you give examples? Are alternative news sources such as TYT more trustworthy?

  3. Barbara: Are you saying there’s no difference between the content of the average newspaper’s news pages and its editorial page? I’d be interested to know how the LA Times for example skews the news and which stories it chooses to skews? Maybe it’s different now, but when I was in the business I never had an editor tell me to slant a story. Any journalist worth his salt wouldn’t stand for it.

  4. What I’m saying is I believe every newspaper and magazine has a certain culture and I’m not sure you’d be writing for that publication if you didn’t fit the culture. I think Axios is trying to be objective and transparent so I’m more likely to believe what I read in Axios than another. I remember writing a health piece for the L.A. Times a bunch of years ago before acupuncture was in the mainstream and the editor didn’t want to include what I had to say about acupuncture because she thought it wasn’t quite acceptable or thought it might offend or something–I don’t remember exactly. I don’t think editors tell journalists to slant a story, no I don’t think that at all. But would a journalist even be writing for a specific publication if they didn’t fit in with the culture. Politico has an interesting piece about this, if you want to read further, as do many others publications. As I said, I believe what I read in the NYT before I’m going to believe what I hear on Fox News. Just as someone who loves Fox News is apt to believe what they hear there than if they read it in the NYT. There’s so much we could say about this if we were sitting in the same room. It would be an interesting conversation, I think.

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