17 thoughts on “Sunday, July 10, 2022

  1. Big mistake on today’s Caroline Says’: The sentence with ‘Caroline told herself’ should read ‘JENNIFER told herself’! Yikes!

  2. Barbara, glad you liked the paper. I watched Absence of Malice yesterday too. I also watched Murphy’s Romance which was a favorite James Garner movie. Have you see Hello, My Name is Doris – Sally Field is priceless!

  3. I hope this comment will not refuse to send and then every rewrite will appear together…frustrating…Absence of Malice, saw that a long time ago. Robert Redford was slated for the part but he thought it wasn’t right for his image to appear face-down in a pool of urine at the beginning of the film; he also only allowed himself to be filmed from one side, back then. So it went to Paul Newman. It was a good film.

    I had the opposite experience to Barbara reading Mrs Dalloway: I absolutely loved it when I was a teenager but couldn’t finish it second time around decades later. Everything by Greene, however, still stands up (for me), though catholic guilt bores me. The second film of Quiet American is well worth a look (with Michael Caine as the jaundiced journalist and Brendan Fraser in the eponymous role, pre-Michelin Man days).

  4. Congratulations on a Century mark Alex!

    OH, WP commenting can be frustrating. Blogger posting gets even more frustrating. Then there are the captchas that don’t work.

  5. When someone mentions Graham Greene I’m reminded of Paul Fussell’s essay “Can Graham Greene Write English?” No, was Fussell’s answer. Virginia Woolf. Wonderful stylist, but her novels, especially Mrs. Dalloway and To The Lighthouse are tough sledding for me. Her first, The Voyage Out, is good. I tried to like Orlando. A Writer’s Diary is more my speed. She spares nobody.

  6. Alex H. – congratulations! 100 pages is a milestone worth celebrating! 🎉 Novelist Cormac McCarthy calculated that over his writing career, he typed approximately 5 MILLION words on his Olivetti Lettera 32 (which sold at Christie’s for $254,500 in 2009- this is what can happen when you win a Pulitzer Prize for writing!). Evidently, he found his thing too with mechanical typewriting, so you had better be careful. Once you contract this condition and find a writing rhythm with yourself and your writing instrument, there’s no going back, and there’s no stopping at a mere 100 pages. You better buy a CASE of the 500-page reams of nice quality paper and especially since you now have that Hermes Baby….that ‘baby’ can easily handle 5 million words! It’s an affliction in a good way- 🖊😀

    1. Haha, thanks! Already got the next packs of paper ready to go here. Also found very nice paper for letter writing. The good hand made Japanese stuff. Hooked for good…

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