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  1. A note about my brother’s page: his teddy’s name is La Motte Piquet Grenelle, from a metro station. Leo, maybe you could look at it in your Plan-guide.

  2. Thank you, Claire, for confirming that the glitch in the comments section is not age-related!

    Re: Virginia Woolf: A novel that gets short shrift from the critics and public alike is her 1919 book “Night and Day”. I read this in my thirties because a woman I’d been in love with since adolescence mentioned it was her favourite book, and I wasn’t disappointed (by the book; don’t ask about the woman…). For me, it was up there with Middlemarch (but it’s only about four hundred pages) and Portrait of a Lady, with echoes of Howards End. It’s a great love story, it has characters who actually work for a living (Woolf was a terrible snob, even wrote an essay about it), deals with issues of women’s suffrage, among other things, and is simply a great read. People who dismiss Galsworthy and Somerset Maugham for their readability probably rejected this, too. Wikipaedia’s enormously long entry on Woolf jumps straight from The Voyage Out to Mrs Dalloway and only mentions Night and Day in the bibliography, despite its publication as a Penguin Modern Classic. No stream of consciousness here, just a well-crafted unputdownable book about a handful of characters muddling through.

  3. Claire, I hope the French don’t hate Mexicans. I hope they don’t hate Chicanos. I think Americans are too loud …wait ain’t I American? 😂. Alot of “Americans” hate Chicanos.

    1. As far as I know, we have nothing against Mexican nor Canadian. “Mexican cooking is cool” is probably all I can think about and it’s very positive 😁

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