10 thoughts on “Thursday, July 14, 2022

  1. LaDonna, I love your posts. So glad you joined our tribe. I would love to send you some paper, erasers and pencils if you send me your address. Rockey_linda@yahoo.com. If you want random books or dvds let me know. Illness keeps me home a lot too so I amuse myself.

  2. Mike in Virginia, how’s the puppy doing? Got any shoes left? We have a 6 month old puppy too. He is so much fun. Starting puppy classes tonight to learn to be sociable. He already loves all people and dogs and rarely barks. DC really lacks dog parks or places for him to run. Hope it’s better where you are.

    1. Louie is doing great but it is a lot of work raising a puppy. I submitted a short post about him for tomorrow’s OTP. I’m glad yours is settling in nicely. It’s so nice that he has good social skills!

  3. Mike in VA, Better to save a crow, than to eat crow. I hope he got out of the thick of it. I’ve never seen a crow that close up. We have many in our neighborhood, but at the top of trees and telephone poles. Glad little Louie is coming along as a puppy.

  4. jvc#abq … I like what you have done here. I watched your YouTube post yesterday and it gives people a few ideas. I like how you have started each paragraph in red, it is very effective. Something different to catch the eye … Cheers!

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