12 thoughts on “Friday, July 15, 2022

  1. Mike in VA, when Archie lost his puppy teeth (5-6 months) he stopped chewing on and biting everything. Best remedy is to keep a washcloth frozen and take out when he needs to chew. Will satisfy and numb. Also a large wooden spoon works too. Same two things I did for my daughter when teething.

    1. Thanks Linda. You give us hope that the chewing and biting will end soon. He’s only 4 1/2 months old now but the new teeth are coming in. We did try the washcloth idea today. He seemed to like it.

  2. Alex H: Hey, I would love to see Cork’s gravel streets and Atlantic Pond- what an adventure. Can you check the url to your video? (says it’s been removed). Great black & white photographs! Thanks for sharing your outing!

  3. Leo: Great 5-minute poem (#358). I really enjoy reading all your posts, but this is one of my favorites for sure (I actually have a ‘Leo’ folder on my computer!) A possible peace in the impossible whirlwind – and so many things do hide themselves in the visible – rare moments of rest & the realization that there’s still so much to discover, and re-discover…all so true.

  4. Edmund I am so happy you like the space. Type on. For all other kind of new to here I thank you all for contributing

    1. I sure would like to catch that show and meet up, Xicano. My sister lives in Henderson although I’d be more inclined to sleep on floor in your room. Music festivals are best when you’re “all in.” If I start looking now I might be able to find someone willing to make the drive- in my car while I lay down in the back. Long shot but who knows? I can’t fly because of inner ear issues but I’m a good sport on a road trip. I’m excited for you!

      1. I’m a crazy dreamer though because it’s 14 hours each way from Eugene and I don’t have that kind of money. At least I will be able to read what you type about it! I have Portland only 2 hours away, probably be easier to find a way there if a reggae festival comes to town.

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