10 thoughts on “Saturday, July 16, 2022

  1. A question for you, Ferrick….Since you’re down under, until what time do you accept submissions for the following day? I used to type these at night but I’m thinking that’s too late for you. Is it?

    1. Hello Barbara! Yes, the different time zones will cause a problem in some cases (maybe for Scott too). From where I am posting I am GMT+10 which can produce quite a difference. I am actually 15 hours ahead of Daniel, so it was a matter of trying to find a time reasonably close to when he would post (although he said it did not matter). I am sending out the post between 8PM and 8:15PM my time on the day of the page. I hope that may help you or give you some idea of the time difference. Best regards, Ferrick

  2. LaDonna, Your newly typed Olympic De Luxe page looks great. Mr. Heart, welcome to One Typed Page.

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