9 thoughts on “Monday, July 18, 2022

  1. Re: Whomever wrote about reading The Quiet American….that maybe it would have been better to read it when it came out….that may be true but for me, it was also a history lesson of the lead-up to the Vietnam war. I haven’t read nearly enough of Graham Greene–some of his books I just can’t get into–but I’m looking for another one I like as much as I liked The Quiet American.

  2. Roger, Did you read the Power and the Glory? Haven’t read that one, yet. Takes place in Mexico?
    Re: the Odyssey, I bought a newer translation, Emily Wilson’s, published 2018. How have I not read The Odyssey yet? I want to read Ulysses and as well as having to teach The Odyssey in the fall, seems only right to read it before reading Ulysses.

  3. Barbara: i have not read The Power and the Glory but I like the title. Not a Greene fan. Read The Quiet American a long time ago and probably didn’t understand a word. If I were interested in the United States’ involvement in Viet Nam I’d read Frances Fitzgerald’s Fire In The Lake, or The Best And The Brightest, by David Halberstam. I’m not discounting Greene’s work. I’m sure it’s entertaining and informative, but I’m usually a purist when it comes to history. By the way, Mitchell said he’d never read The Iliad before he translated it.

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