7 thoughts on “Wednesday, July 20, 2022

  1. 104.54, Catalina, in Lincolnshire, and just a tiny bit less in London. Hottest day since records began. The grass caught fire in many places. Global warming? You must have a different news source. My news provider (Extra Terrestrial Tribune) informs me it’s part of a Venusian plot; they want to have us well cooked before they take over the planet. Why aren’t the BBC and the New York Times reporting this? Because they have been infiltrated already. (See Alien Spy Daily, 15/7/22 in human time.)

    1. Yeah, weather in the UK was hot hot. Our homes aren’t built for this kind of thing the same way the cold snap in Texas in February caught so many people out. Threat to life is considerable when the infrastructure isn’t built to deal with extremes on this scale.

      1. It’s 91 degrees F here in Eugene OR today. Most buildings don’t have AC and the portable units are flying off the shelves! I hope you get through this ok and that some environmental planning gets implemented before next summer.

  2. John Baird, homophones, such as: axes and axis. Hare and hair. Sound the same, but different meanings and spellings.

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