7 thoughts on “Friday, July 22, 2022

  1. Thanks Catalina. Nice thought.

    Barbara, or anyone: Ever read Willa Cather? I’ve liked her since I read her short story “Paul’s Case” as a freshman in college. Her novels are highly entertaining. Almost as good as Edith Wharton. Are there any novelists today as good as those two?

  2. Mike — Yes, please drop a line. I love mail and will write back: Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, PO Box 502, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

    W.G. – He truly is a wizard. I’ve taken so many typewriters to him over the past few years. Highly recommended!

    Roger – I’ve been aware of Willa Cather for years and years but have I read anything by her? No, I’m sorry to say. I will now!

  3. Catalina: Hemingway continues by saying that during an uproar at a bull fight he hit one of the hated bull ring servants in the head with a hard leather cushion and said he always carried a bottle of Manzanilla to the fights not only to drink from but to throw and hit one of those two servants with if a melee broke out. i don’t imagine he was joking. He was a rough customer. There’s some evidence that he killed a few Germans while a war correspondent covering the Allied sweep across France in 1944. Death In The Afternoon is a good book, as good in its own way as A Moveable Feast.

    1. Thanks! It was 2 days of scrubbing and cleaning and degreasing and de-rusting. It has one thing I can’t seem to fix, and the smaller rubber parts as well as the feet need urgent replacement. But yes, it takes the paper, it types and I’m super happy with it. Very inspiring machine to me.

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