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  1. Hi, Barbara. Re: The Vegetarian: gave up after about twenty pages. Life’s too short to read anything one doesn’t enjoy, unless you need the course credit, or you’re a professional reviewer. (And lord knows many of them don’t finish, either – but it never stopped them from writing a review.)

  2. Alex: Since you like wordplay, you might like to know that in “TYPE-FACE STRIKES AGAIN”, a private-eye novel the first half of which I posted on OTP a few weeks back (Part Two to follow soon), there’s a place in Greenwich Village, in 1946, called The Type Bar where one of the typers is called The Underworld, because it types invisibly (until paired with another typer) and is used mainly by criminals.

  3. Alex: Re: “I was met with instant disagreement and that was all I really wanted from that post.” My favourite line from D. H. Lawrence’s ‘Women in Love’: ‘He lay sick and unmoved, in pure opposition to everything.’ (Chapter 16)

  4. Thank you, Catalina, for quoting at length from 5-Minute poem #363 ‘Making an Adjustment’. I’m honoured!

    Coincidentally, I looked up the Spanish for ‘iconoclast’ (just add an ‘a’ at the end) because my mother (eighty-nine) hadn’t come across that word. I said it meant ‘rebelde’. Though I had just been joking because an egg in the box was unlike the other five, it was a less oval shape, and a bit on the thin side. I said it was an iconoclast, and then looked up the translation and found the image-breaking etymology.

  5. Hi, Catalina. Character map for Caroline Says?..there isn’t, except in my head, but I guess there should be, after 400 pages and two dozen characters. Will post about it tomorrow…After you’ve received clearance, of course…

  6. Leo, I totally agree: life is way too short to continue reading a book just because you’ve started it. I’ve been 100 pages into novels and put them aside.

  7. Barbara: I realized several years ago that each of the fiction pieces I was working on had the POV baked into their DNA from the start. I never consciously thought about whether each would be first-person, third-person, omniscient, etc. When a writing exercise prompted me to shift the POV, I had a visceral reaction against the idea. That exercise didn’t go too well.

    1. I did a survey among friends, sending them the first page in first person and in third person and the majority liked first person, and I have to agree it’s the best POV for this particular project. Whew. What a PITA that would be, recasting the entire draft in 3rd. You’re right…POV is baked in from the start. My third person short stories would not want to be in first person.

  8. LaDonna, I enjoyed reading your OTP page today during brunch outdoors with Topaz, the neighborhood calico cat, and jazz on Pandora. I smiled, laughed, sighed and drew a breath of gratitude…riding on a cloud.

  9. Linda: I live in Ireland since 2012, I’m happy here 70% of the time. I will have to move back to Austria at one point. Maybe soon even… I’m not sure how I feel about this.
    I think your 8-track plan sounds the best. I would love to do that too. Just driving around seeing places. Only stopping for food, sleep, and when something looks interesting. Staying for a while when a place needs more exploring… how romantic. One would have to fight the back problems though. Lot’s of walking in between should do it. And some typing in the evening. And reading until sleep comes. When can we go? Hah!

  10. Roger, I remember the events of November 1963 clearly. That hour just before Noon Pacific Standard Time. I am the same age as Caroline Kennedy.

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