12 thoughts on “Tuesday, July 26, 2022

  1. Xicano: Thanks! I feel the same about writing, by the way. I write it as it comes out and I usually don’t think about if it’s good or bad. I just post it as it is. A second draft or even third would probably be better. But that I only do when I am writing on a book or document. A OTP is something real and raw to me. I think that rhymes…

  2. Thank you, Catalina, for your continued interest in ‘Caroline Says’ – it took me 3 tries to get the character map right, and it was hard to keep it to 2 pages, but I got there in the end. When I’ve completed work on the next draft, I’ll be able to include all the incidental characters, but I’m only on page 24 of the next draft…

  3. Catalina, Thanks for mentioning Paradigm Shifts. Richard Polt’s request for dystopian stories including typewriters prompted me to write one of my own favorite stories. And I love your poem, “Cats Can Read” with the photo. Your post made me pull the book again, and read.

  4. Happy Birthday Linda! Don’t forget to make a wish before you blow out the candles 🎂 🎉 🥳

  5. Linda, though it may be late in wishing it for you on my part let it be a grand day for you.

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