4 thoughts on “Thursday, July 28, 2022

  1. Alex: I’ve never regretted tearing into a machine that’s not quite right, even if it’s performing “ok”. Life’s too short and writing is just too important for your typewriter not to be dialed in just the way you like it. I used to sketch out a diagram of how things go together, then I realized I have a cell phone! Duh- so now I just snap pictures as I go along. This method has proven effective even when I accidentally dump all my carefully laid out screws onto the floor (which was an all-too-often occurrence until I started using a magnetic pan for my screws). It’s an adventure, a bit like spelunking or any kind of exploring. Good luck with your standard, and enjoy the process of refining your writing instrument!

    1. Thank you. The carriage was already off today. I couldn’t figure out the problem so far. But I managed to put it back together. Curiosity won. 😉

  2. Alexander: A timely post. I was recently weighing whether to crack open the one typer that regularly glitches and either pops in random extra spaces, or refuses to advance when it should. I love the machine generally and use it solely for drafts, but my internal perfectionist/editor stills gets riled. Then I watched Ken Burns’ excellent biography of Ernest Hemingway and was heartened to see many examples of his typewritten drafts, replete with typos, crazy spacing, etc. (Apparently, Hemingway had a penchant for inserting a space before each period . Like so .) It helped remind me that the most (really, the ONLY) important thing was the content being poured into the draft. At least for the present, I’ll leave my glitchy typer unmolested and work instead on my own illogical perfectionism.

  3. @catalina: I hope I will get to Hawaii at least once in my life. It’s sooooo far away. But I always wanted to go there since I’m a little kid. What a cool Ukulele! I play a little myself. But mine was lost during a move. Wasn’t a good one. But still, I enjoyed playing.

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