7 thoughts on “Saturday, July 30, 2022

  1. Catalina, looking amazing and living your best life. Carry on and keep smiling.

  2. LaDonna: How do you go about screening potential house guests for their political and racial views: written or verbal test? Also, you seem to suggest that the people you’d exclude are likely to be racist. Joking? All in good fun I suppose.

  3. Catalina,
    Love seeing you in Hawaii. I love Hawaii, swimming with the fish and sea turtles.
    So offensive, that person calling you a Beaner. More than enough of a reason to say goodbye to that person. Racism is intolerable.

  4. LaDonna you may get a taste of why I ignore certain people here on OTP and their comments. They seem not able to resist when a person of color talks about inequality, injustice and racists to question them. He’s attacked me as well as at least one other. That person no longer contributes. I pay him no mind. He’s ok if it’s others who write of those isms just not POC. I hope it doesn’t dissuade you if he persists.

    1. My posts will persist and I’ll speak my mind on OTP, I might have learned that from you. I made up a word- Cybersensitive. I am not very cybersensitive. In a sentence: Little Johnny was so cybersensitive he complained whenever someone unfriended him on Facebook. Or: Whenever Little Johnny read something he didn’t agree with online, his high level of cybersensitivity leads him to take it personally, so he responds with disparaging comments

  5. Catalina, I love to wear Mu’umu’us. They are kind to my bodily thermo-regulation problems (always too hot) and I love the bright and bold designs. I bought mine at thrift stores. What a terrific photo of you!

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