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  1. Hi, Catalina. Michel Legrand was one of the greatest. Among favourites, there’s the other Jacques Demy film, The Young Girls of Rochefort, the original Thomas Crown Affair with the ‘Windmills of Your Mind’ song, The Go-Between, I could go on and on…

  2. Barbara, my condolences for the passing of your real friend, Billy. The photo is superb. Billy was very good looking and from your text, I get the sense he was also very beautiful inside.

    Daniel B.

  3. Linda,
    I went on eBay to look at Pete’s stationery, but all I could find are is his circus stuff….hmm….It’s not like I need more paper….

  4. LaDonna: I didn’t mean to be flip about your anecdote regarding the racist house guest, but the part about rejecting Republicans, et al, struck me as funny, something Bill Maher might use as part of his routine. I thought you were joking. The hell of it is you’re probably right if in fact you meant to equate Republicans and conservatives with racism and bigotry, among other iniquities they’re guilty of. Many Republicans in Arkansas and in much of the rest of the country are a sorry, mean-spirited lot these days, sad to say. It’s hard to like them.
    Well I’ll close now by saying that your offer to welcome people into your home as house guests is I suspect an uncommon practice and I commend you for it.
    I offer these remarks sincerely.

  5. If you start to hate other people because they are in a different political party you are being played by the political leaders. Most people can be talked to reasonably when you approach them in an appropriate manner. There was a black man once that convinced right winged people to stop being racist by just sitting with them and having a beer. I can’t remember his name. Yes, there is a lot of racism, but within the general public it is more the fear of the other that is prominent, which is not as of yet racism but can be exploited and escalated to become that. Once they cross the line and call themselves racist it is much harder to convince them otherwise. But generally it’s just afraid people mostly being exploited by a few sociopaths that seek power and control. If someone calls you a name like that that person might not even know that it’s a bad thing, depending on their upbringing. I have never heard the term before I read it in this post. In the end it’s up to everyone, all I’m saying is, don’t let other people fear you into anything, use your brain first, then decide if it’s good or bad for you.

    1. Addendum: I’m European, we didn’t have the kind of racism where people get shot all the time in the places I grew up in. I recognise that it’s a different ballgame in the US. But it’s the same story. People turn usually racist due to having little education and are played. And now we have information bubbles on top of that. Humanity is not ready for the internet, I tell you…

      1. Hi Alex, it is less about political party and more about revealing one’s values by the way they vote; the person. The person who chooses to take away a woman’s right to choice (if you read my post at that time, you’d know it’s a triggering topic), or to fund more police while reducing school budgets; with their votes, all in a system meant to further oppress. People vote with their values so it’s one of the simplest ways for me to avoid more harm. I wrote about a racist comment, yet get a talking to about politics? See the problem here? Would you want someone like that in your home? Where the need to be “right,” make politics the main topic of a story about trauma, and then gaslight them is their go-to response? Not me. Vote for racist policies, go into my reject pile. In person and on the internet.

  6. Catalina –

    Your Brother-in-law is a man after my own heart. A true engineer of the bean and all its goodness. I am envious of his coffee lab. It would vie anything at MIT or Stanford. 🙂

  7. Linda, the goat paper is so fun and your Voss seems to like it! Barbara, thank you for the empathy. Sometimes these memories just pop up while I’m at the machine and after they are on paper I can put them in a back burner in my brain, a place where they won’t bounce around so much. Your friend Billy, being his own kind of man, is as authentic as it gets. Goodbye Billy.

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