10 thoughts on “Tuesday, August 2, 2022

  1. Hi, Adam: Looks like we both wrote about staring at a fire in a chimneyplace, today, my story beginning and ending with Jane staring at the fake logs burning in the fake fire and ending with a reference to said fire. Must be something in the typospherian zeitgeist.

    1. Triumph Gabriele: I had a Brother Charger 11 just like that. Same color and everything except it was used. I gifted it to my sister in hopes she would contribute to OTP. Hasn’t worked…yet🀞🏾

  2. I liked seeing Adam by his fireplace. Xicano and Catalina have posted photos of themselves. I like seeing who people are (esp. being a photographer, images are important!) We should all post portraits. Oh, I hate that word “should.” Never mind!

  3. Adam, I very much enjoy reading your stuff. Your fire sounds great, I’m a bit jealous as we don’t have one. I do have some whisky though, so that will have to do! Cheers.

  4. I sent in a pic from a few months back when I was at a friend’s. She moving to Texas. It’s nice when one can just move around. When one has money. I live in my cave that I rent. That’s ok.

  5. I just read the submission page on OTP. I have to apologize because we shouldn’t (I know I don’t like that word either but still) post pics that we wouldn’t show to a first grader or third grader or a kid. I have done that with my yesca. No more. Gracias.

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