18 thoughts on “Wednesday, August 3, 2022

  1. Sorry, I had troubles publishing today.
    By the way, could you make sure that the picture you’re sending in the form is in the good position? That would make our work easier. Thank you.

  2. Hi, Claire. Thanks for taking over this month, it’s truly appreciated. But my Plan-Guide page looked very fuzzy today and also on Monday. Should I send it to you in a different format to prevent the blurriness?

    1. I think it’s my fault. I cropped the margins, so it lowers the resolution. I’m sorry for it.

  3. Xicano, Tell us more about your typewriter space, at least for that photo. Do you, like Dalton Trumbo did, write in the bathtub? Although he had a desk in his bathtub and wrote longhand. Google (for images) “Dalton Trumbo writes in bathtub.” You probably know that he wrote Johnny Got His Gun. He also smoked six packs of unfiltered cigarettes a day. Yikes.

  4. Can anyone tell me why my iPad says unsupported browser when I attempt to like a comment or press the star to see who else likes a post?

    1. Roger, it may be your approach. I go to WordPress.com for comments. It seems a lot more cooperative.

      This is from my iPad. 😎

  5. Thanks. Barbara, I like your comment about Trumbo. In the movie he uses a typewriter doesn’t he?
    Mike, today I heard Almost Cut My Hair on one of those reaction videos. Crosby at his best. Ever see them?

    1. Roger, I don’t think he used the typewriter in the bathtub…

      It’s been a while since I’ve seen the movie but he must have used a typewriter, too, on dry land.

  6. You’re right Barbara. Just watched the scene on YouTube. Legal pad on an easel. Funny how you think you remember stuff that ain’t so. Never could bring myself to read Johnny Got His Gun. Apparently still in print. Trumbo was a hell of a screen writer though, wasn’t he? Also, have you read any of Italo Calvino’s works?

  7. Maybe Invisible Cities, but If On.A Winter’s Night A Traveler is very good. I’m rereading The Baron In The Trees, but it sometimes seems contrived.
    Thanks Leo. Old Clifton Webb. Pushes Bill Bendix’s character out a skyscraper window in The Dark Corner, a great film noir.

  8. Linda, of course a reliable typewriter is not too much to ask for! I ‘inherited’ many great typewriters from my dad and have been working through them, keeping some, selling some on eBay here and there. I will let you know next ones I list- all are really great, dependable machines. I, of course, love them all but there are just too many (about 75 +\-). Lemongrass (the essential oil) is SO much better than GooGone- works better, smells better, give it a try for goo removal of any kind. 😀

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