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    1. I can confirm that they’re not numbered – I searched who was the owner of this Baby but didn’t find out it was you

  1. I must’ve failed to send my post because it didn’t appear, which is probably just as well. Claire, if you did get what I sent I’d just as soon you didn’t run it if it’s all the same to you. It was poorly written.

  2. I was in a hurry and probably didn’t check the box and touch submit. Doesn’t matter. Nothing of substance anyway.

    1. Roger, most everything I write has no substance. Yet, I submit anyway. Anything worth writing is worth posting. 😂

  3. Xicano, if you aren’t feeling better head back to the hospital. Stay hydrated with water. Did they do an MRI? Did they draw blood to check? This new strain of covid is causing GI problems more than respiratory in some. Use that insurance and demand answers.

  4. Catalina: Bill Buckner thanks you for attempting to divert attention from his association with an infamous World Series gaffe while with the Red Sox. Meanwhile, Kirk Gibson is aghast. (Buckner was with the Dodgers early in his career so the transposition is understandable.) Cheers!

    1. Yes, what a Freudian slip? Kirk Gibson limped his way around the bases. Meanwhile Ekersley was quoted, “…all I could do was walk off..

  5. Hi, Barbara. I haven’t read ‘Second Place’ by Rachel Cusk but I did read the Outline trilogy (Outline; Transit; Kudos). Have you read it? From the point of view of a person who teaches creative writing, it would be of interest, at least the first volume. I found the second (very much more of the same) was only half as enjoyable, and the third was a chore to finish.

    1. I liked the first one, too, and have dimmed out on what the next two novels we’re about. This one kept my interest. Lots of good observations. I skimmed just a little at the end.

  6. Linda, thanks. Yes, they took blood and urine sample. Also gave me a CT scan to check for stroke and EKG for my heart. All came back good. So why did I remain dizzy? I have no idea. I’m feeling a lot better this morning.

  7. Claire: I’ll send another, but not the one I tried to send yesterday. I had reservations about that piece even after I thought I’d sent it, and was glad when I didn’t see it this morning.

    1. I have often felt embarrassed for what I submitted because I just type it and send it. No rewrites. Sometimes typos go through and later I groan. But for me and I think for others, the whole point of OTP is to just let it rip, to create one typed page and let it go.

      1. Typo-schympo. I think that’s what makes it work. The submissions feel organic and real.

      2. Other stuff, too, though, not just typos embarrass me. Sometimes I blather on….and I think, who cares? Then again, OTP is a perfect place to blather on because a fellow OTPer can just skim or scan or walk on by.

  8. I appreciate what you all are saying and don’t disagree. Still, when it has my name on it I’m particular. Probably a holdover from journalism. I worked for two Pulitzer-Prize winning publications and they didn’t tolerate writers who half-assed it.

    About the post in question, I wasn’t necessarily embarrassed by what I wrote, but it compromised my principles, for lack of a better way to put it. I can’t allow myself to worry about whether what I write offends somebody’s sensibilities or causes them to think I’m an ogre.

    1. I hear you. When I’m writing for publication, I take a whole lot more care and do many rewrites. If I did that here, too, I’d never submit because I’d revising for a month. I made a living as a journalist and editor of a prof. writers publication for 12 years, but I also wrote a book on writing (Pen on Fire) that’s all about letting go.

  9. Mike, I’ve always enjoyed your posts. I think there’s plenty of substance there. We learn from reading about how other people live.

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