19 thoughts on “Saturday, August 6, 2022

  1. Claire: Didn’t see my post again. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? I made all the right moves and still not getting to you.

  2. Claire: My post didn’t appear again today. I made all the right moves this time but still didn’t get through. Any idea what gives?

      1. Just to be sure I tried submit a random picture with the form. It did appear in the multimedia gallery of WordPress. Some ideas: the size of the picture is too big; there’s an error in your email address; the picture wasn’t fully loaded when you click on submit (this shouldn’t happen as you can’t click if it’s not loaded).
        Try again and if really WordPress doesn’t like you send me your page at filleduprintemps@orange.fr I’ll try it for you.

      2. By the way, are sure your image is in the right format? (try in .jpeg or .jpg)

  3. LaDonna, Yes, it was me about the root canal. The gold crown that’s been on the molar for years apparently has a hole or crack in it, so said the endodonist (not either of the dentists I saw prior to him). Does he have better eyes? Why did he see it and they didn’t….these are the questions I entertain. I wonder if it does have a hole in it if it can be repaired. This is what I need to explore….What a hassle, though…

  4. Claire: Good. Dated August 6? I think I know what I did wrong, but still not sure. Anyway, I hope there’ll be no further problems. Thanks.

      1. Don’t hesitate to share what do you think you did wrong, maybe it could be helpful.

  5. John, I love rain, too. I wish it rained more here. I almost drove up to the mountains where rain was forecasted but didn’t because my dislike of driving in the mountains when it’s raining was greater.

  6. I don’t really know, Claire. Might’ve put my name in the email box and email in the name box. Not sure. I’ll be more careful next time.

  7. William – good to see you back and writing. Congratulations on your engagement too. That’s a big step.

    Wax seals – I pretty much seal all my letters in wax unless someone tells me not to. I wrote up a little page on how I use them. I posted it on an earlier OTP back in middle May if you can find it. Otherwise, drop a line at bassdoc1@gmail.com and I’ll send you the PDF.

  8. Catalina – Haven’t seen the typists, though the place looks like Pioneer Square. The guy in the thongs reminds me of me. 🙂 But he looks like Professor Lupin. Pardon the Harry Potter reference.

  9. Barbara – Whatever you, don’t let the dentist keep your crown. It’s probably worth more than you are being charged for the new one.

  10. Oh so wonderful to see William in Emeryville in OTP typeface- and the beautiful paper. I know you can’t help but read OTP! Even occasionally! Are you on Instagram? There is a typospherian from Emeryville — but I am not sure it is you since there is no name connected in his “tag.” Videos of repair even. I follow you. Congratulations on the engagement — especially in this Covid-19 epoch, relationships are precious.

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