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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Catalina. I’ve never had a Moon Pie, but they look like a marshmallow concoction we have in the UK called “Wagon Wheels” which over the years have dropped depictions of The Wild West on the wrappers; junk food par excellence.

  2. Barbara, They are, and thanks. I hope you read and enjoyed it. I trust the comments about my lady friend didn’t mark me as a Neanderthal. Also, this gives me the opportunity to say that in fairness to Hilo Brown, or maybe it’s Hylo, he wrote The Grand Ole Opry song in 1955 before Patsy Cline became a star. But Maybelle was already a legend, and she and her daughters began performing at the Ryman in 1950.

  3. On coyote – I see them quite often around here. Often with feet, sometimes inches of me. Mostly they don’t care and tend to mind their own business – as long as I do the same. If I see two or more, I will back away and leave them to their own (pack animals).

    Have you ever noticed their “wanna make something of it?” look? Had one come up the driveway once while I was working in the yard. A sidelong glance in passing – “Wanna make something of it?” and off it went up the drive and out the back way.

  4. The wax seal gambit – I have a pretty good relationship with the post office I use from work. I have had my seals squashed, smooshed and otherwise vandalized in transit. On their advice, I put my letters in a small bundle all with extra postage (butterfly stamps) and mark them clearly Nonmachinable. I put a post it on the bundle that states “Nonmachinable, Please hand cancel.” I also ask that the note be removed and discarded… just in case. In the part of the PO there is a place for letter drops and package drops. Just above the package drop is a slot for letters and flat parcels. I put my bundle through that slot. The clerk advised me that this is the best way to avoid the dread machining. Reports from recipients seem to indicate that my request is being honored.

  5. They actually have one just for the task. Good ol’ Post Office. It is called a non machinable stamp. The motif is butterflies.

  6. Barbara: Dont know which of Patsy’s albums or CDs you have, but may I recommend The 4-Star Sessions 1955-60 aka 25 All-Time Greatest Recordings? It has stuff not on the hits collections, for example “A Church, A Courtroom, And Then Goodbye” and “Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray.” There’s a wonderful if a little blurry YouTube video of the latter introduced by Red Foley. The audio is very good. Is there anyone who doesn’t like Patsy Cline?

    1. Patsy Cline had unparalleled beauty in her voice best demonstrated in her rendition of “Crazy” written for her by Willie Nelson. Leaps and turns in the melody, she brought out all of the emotion in each note.

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