19 thoughts on “Monday, August 8, 2022

  1. Linda, I didn’t know that about Emma Thompson and Love Actually. That crying scene in the movie was so heart-wrenching and authentic. Crying because of Branagh? I need to watch Dead Again…

  2. Goddamit, I’m tired of being portrayed in these pages as a racist bastard. Where I come from calling someone a racist or race baiter is serious business. I don’t like having my character questioned.

    “But he is brown so he was called snooty,” I read in a post today. For anybody who cares, I used “snooty” to describe the tone of something a contributor named Horses At Midnight wrote on OTP last fall. What, nine months ago? I also said the piece “reads like the leaden prose of academe.” I later told Horses I had gone too far, and he was gracious about it. But that didn’t signify with some.

    I don’t know how in hell somebody can conclude that I’m a racist merely because I trashed out the work of a person of color. Moreover, nobody can possibly know my motivation for doing that. Maybe I just didn’t like the guy’s writing. As far as I know I’m still free to dislike a piece of writing no matter who wrote it or what their credentials.

    Being a contributor here I feel some need to at least scan the daily posts, and I read many closely. But maybe I’ll be more selective about what I read from now on.

    1. I feel like I’m on the outside here, looking in. When was your trashing submission? I want to read it. I want to know what y’all are talking about, firsthand.

    1. Ah, hard to find in the archives….anyhoo, I hope this gets worked out soon or settles down or resolves…or whatever….

  3. Adam in Melbourne – I like your description of the brick garage, and the motorbike ramp. To a cool story. Tell me more.

  4. Linda in DC – I submitted a page. If it publishes it’s a winner, if not, it will vanish into the black hole with the other four.

      1. Not in the multimedia library with the other, it seems. This story of disappearing pages begins to really annoy me. Where did all these pages go??

      2. No idea – if he collected them with his email address, they’re not in WordPress image Library, where I collect them to post them now.

      3. Catalina – Good morning, so kind of you to ask. The time is 0717, 9 Aug. My ACK was received yesterday afternoon. Maybe this morning is the magic moment.

        A century ago I spotted a sign above the college data processing center which read: THE COMPUTER AGE. NEVER BEFORE HAS MANKIND MADE SO MANY MISTAKES SO QUICKLY.

  5. Barbara: I have to admit here that I wrote a post early last December in which I said much of Xicano’s writing seemed motivated by hate. I was wrong to say that and I regret it. As I said earlier, we can’t know what motivates another person. I also wish I’d apologized to him, but I didn’t. Can’t blame him for disliking me.

  6. Barbara: Not likely to resolve. Two people who don’t like each other combined with irreconcilable differences. Don’t know but suspect Xicano and maybe LaDonna would prefer I quit posting, and I suppose I will in due course. Till then, I’ll stay out of his way. When I do post it’ll be something innocuous like yesterday. Patsy Cline and such. Meantime, I’ll be glad to correspond with you on here any time, or by email on occasion if you’d like. I’ve enjoyed our recent discussions.

  7. Makes me sad too. Slights are sometime inadvertent and difficult to deal with and do away with. I hope you stick around, too.

  8. Barbara, Mike, thanks for the kind words. No plans to quit, but maybe a little more kind and gentle approach.

  9. Those who are down for the cause I encourage you to meet up at the state capitol in Sacramento, California on August 26th. I believe the Felipino brothers and sisters kicked it all off as far as the initial burst out back in the day. Let’s make America better que no?

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