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  1. Roger,
    Your post prompted me to look up “Along Comes Mary,” the Association’s pot-coded ode, according to some. Just read the lyrics. I’d say so, too….though I remember the song and thought it was about some girl named Mary.

  2. Hi, Xicano. I read this in a novel by Saul Bellow yesterday, “Mr Sammler’s Planet”, in which he quotes Brecht (via Aristotle): Erst kommt das Fressen, and (sic) dann kommt die Moral…i.e. “Food first, morality second”…

  3. Barbara, Jim Yester sings that song’s crowded lyrics so frantically I’ve never been able to understand more than a few words, such as the part about being out to lunch. I just read them and think it is about pot. Funny, because the band members were clean cut, at least when that song came out, and not known for drug use. But the bass player, Brian Cole, died of a heroin overdose in 1972, leaving a wife and son. The boy later played bass in what was left of his father’s band.

  4. Hello again, Xicano: I had a bit of a moral dilemma yesterday because on the way back from the supermarket (after getting my hair cut and tipping the barber more than I could afford – and he makes more than me), I found £80.00 on the pavement. Four brand new £20 notes, semi-folded, about to be carried away on the breeze. I picked them up and pocketed them (back pocket) as quickly as I could, even though two people saw me do it (or not – everyone is so wrapped in themselves) and I didn’t dare take it out of my pocket till I got home. I know that my good luck is somebody’s bad luck, but I could hardly hand it in to the police so they could spunk it at the pub. And the summer is fallow for me, three entire days with no income this week, and I’m kind of not in the system, so forget about pension and tax credits and all that crap. It’s been years since I got paid for a story or poem. (Might help if I actually submitted them.) So that money really comes in handy. Still, I hope the person who lost it could spare it. And I might tithe 10% to a Big Issue vendor. Maybe…And there’s a typewriter i want but can’t really afford…

  5. Leo, it’s a gift. Invest it in yourself wisely and then write us a poem. In that way you are sharing your new-found wealth.

    1. That’s a great idea, Scott. I accept the commission. But it might not appear for a couple of weeks since I have a backlog of poems and stories and ‘Paris’ pages to send.

      1. Leo you did not make anyone drop it. Plus you do not know who might have dropped it. It’s good luck. I say spend on whatever you need/want 🙂

      2. A few weeks ago I found some money–not much at all but some–and I looked it up, When you find money, the universe is telling you you’re worthwhile.

  6. Mike, What’s a stick blender? I make pesto in a food processor and have on occasion had to use mortar and pestle. Actually, on Friday for my book group, I made a sort of pesto bruschetta. So good. I use pine nuts, though. I’m not using almonds much these days because of the amounts of water it takes to create almonds in our parched land.

    1. This is an example, I use them all the time for the small jobs or my bulletproof coffee. Handy tools, but it was hard pressed to get through those almonds.

      I agree, pignolas are best, esp when toasted first. Now I want bruschetta.

  7. Roger, you took me back. Never underestimate clean cut. Check out Willie Nelson back in the day. Haha.

  8. Mike, you’re are right. And of course there’s Possum, George Jones, who liked to do a line now and then.

  9. Those of sensitivities please avoid my pages mañana. You’ve been warned. Jk lol…read them, take a picture, I don’t give a f***!(I think I stole tht from Friday, the flick with Ice Cubes and Smokey, Smokey said it). I don’t think the pages are too bad. The truth is bad. I sugar coat it and crush the pill, water it down, so it might go down easier. 👍🏾

  10. Typo on my 2nd page if you dare drudge through it. It shud read …”do not answer questions #2 and 3″. Also, “do not answer #4”. Sorry for the mistakes.

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