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  1. Ferrick, So true what you say. The tone of what someone writes can be wildly misinterpreted. Groups disband when there’s ongoing disharmony. I wish everyone could just get along.

    If you’re not sure about what someone said or the tone in which it was said, why not ask? It’s easy enough to ask for someone’s email to take it up outside of OTP.

    Sometimes, for the sake of just getting along, for the sake of harmony, it’s best to let it go. There’s an art to letting it go. I’m still learning and it’s hard. If you’re an artist or simply a creative person, you’re more sensitive than most and more sensitive to perceived slights.

    I think we’re all here because we get something from the OTP community. I look forward to receiving this in the morning and for me, if the disharmony outweighs the harmony, I will go away. I know I’m not alone.

    As you said, Ferrick, if we don’t want to read what someone is contributing, we can pass by it. We’re not required to read each entry. I’m all for an harmonious OTP. There’s enough disharmony in the world.

    Spoken like a typical Libra, right? ; }

      1. From my OPT Post Tuesday 8/8/2022 — (which might have been lost in the middle of the text of my page:

        “Daniel Marleau is the self-proclaimed “curator” (does not claim to be ‘editor’) directly, or by delegation to Ferrick or Claire or others that may step up. But, there is no formal or deigned arbiter of writing, reason, logic or creativity. The sum total of our typings make up the character of One Typed Page. Our civility as writers, poets, artists, dreamers is self-regulating.”

  2. Like Barbara, the stories that I’ve had published for payment were not competition winners, but one of my sci-fi stories was twice anthologised (and it’s my only sci-fi story) once for £15 with a two-year wait, and earlier for 88 dollars (Canadian). That 30 dollar fee, no matter what the prize, is a bit of a con.There are many websites that offer paid writing opportunities for free and you can see what they like to publish, there are also free comps that pay. This one’s not bad to check into every few days: https://www.newpages.com/classifieds/calls-for-submissions. And Duotrope is a great way of keeping track.

  3. Went to the Flea Mart in Visalia today after dropping off my Xitlali at school for her first day in Jr. High. I didn’t last too long because my back is messed up and I can’t walk much but I’m also relieved that I didn’t run into any typers because I probably would have gone weak and bought one. I don’t need anymore typewriters. I want but don’t need.

  4. I dream of having nothing that I have to do so that I can read and write all day. No rent to slave for. No bills that threaten. Just writing to get out the hurts inflicted… sometimes by folks imagining to do good. I think that I’ll keep dreaming so that the roof does not cave in on me. So that I save myself from reject.

  5. Leo, I love the poem :).
    Tas, people with issues of body or mind or the oppression of others need space to freely express themselves without the fear that that expression, or their voicing their experiences, will be challenged as invalid or ridiculed and not taken seriously. I’m glad to hear the children were allowed that space.
    The quieting of voices that historically have been pushed aside is just the furthering of the established dominant culture. In the end it only benefits the haves. Their strategy of using false equivalence is harder to spot sometimes because we all wish to be fair and it can be used to an advantage by those with all the advantages already. I’m not going to debate it.
    I’m going to type a page.

  6. LaDonna you are a real warrior. Continue the good fight, por favor. Si se puede!
    Also, that cat is gorgeous 👍🏾

  7. Barbara & Leo: Thanks a MILLION for the info on Duotrope and the link for checking on new submission opportunities. Very helpful, great info, thanks so much! XOXOXO

  8. W.G. Thanks for bringing to light _Extracting the Stone of Madness: Poems 1962 – 1972_
    Pizarnik, Alejandra, just bought a used copy on line.

    1. Hi, Catalina. Was going to reproduce the whole poem but New Directions require two full months to issue permission, and they always charge a fee! However, the complete version can be found here:
      and an English translation (different from the book version – ‘tatuado’/tattooed’ becomes ‘branded’) here:
      I’m very happy to have turned somebody on to Pizarnik!

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