5 thoughts on “Monday, August 15, 2022

  1. Claire, It is nice that you typed a little something from your travels. Passing up the Olympia typewriter showed great restraint. Did you buy any other trinket at the flea market? We love a picture. Thanks again for your work on OTP.

    1. Well, to be honest, I didn’t have the money if I really wanted to buy it… And I thought 25€ was a bit expensive, as I wrote. No, I got nothing but my grandfather bought a film camera, almost working. I don’t have picture of the Olympia, nor of the market, but I will take some of my hike and write about it Saturday or Sunday.

  2. Scott, I am a little worried that you might have gotten lost in the shuffle with the new system to post on One Type Page. You no longer e-mail your submissions. You go to the online form at: https://onetypedpage.com/the-short-form/
    Fill in you name and e-mail. Then you can click and upload up to three images of what you have typed or any picture you may have. Then check the box that says, “I am not a Robot” and then hit “Submit.” Good luck!

  3. For everyone: due to the weather, the hike will now take place today – so I’ll post sooner than usual today, and should be able to post as usual tomorrow.

  4. Claire do not worry. I’m sure we are all grateful that you are helping with OTP. Live your life. Post when you can 🙂
    And some pics of your adventures would be nice 🙂
    But not mandatory. Lol. Have fun👍🏾

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