10 thoughts on “Tuesday, August 16, 2022

  1. Tom Fasano, welcome to our tribe of typers. Good luck on publishing your book. I’m sure some OTP members can offer advice. I find this group to be what I needed during covid and now they are valued friends. I’m retired as well and more keep joining us. I’m into jazz, records, typewriters, vintage paper to type on, movies, books so I sure don’t miss working.

  2. Western Union Time Machine Services would like to confirm that Mr Leo Madigow has sent a reply to Ms Luce Irigaray but cannot be held responsible for any delay due to time and relative dimensions in space.

  3. Catalina, bummer about covid attack on your family. Stay hydrated and rested. Sending good vibes your way.

    1. I loved John’s newspaper piece too. I spent a long time on eBay trying to find him an old issue but no luck yet.

  4. Linda and Catalina, thanks for your welcoming comments. I found the link to the typewriter database informative. I currently own about a dozen old typers, most of them in boxes in the garage. As for the Silver-Reed, it’s a great little typewriter, takes up very little desk space, and just keeps on going.

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