13 thoughts on “Friday, August 19, 2022

  1. Blackwing alert: It’s been quite a while since a Blackwing was spotted on these pages but today saw a ‘TheUFuture is unwritten’ edition which comes with the OBEY notebook. Someone on OTP mentioned that Blackwings are too expensive and nothing special. I can’t imagine what they mean. This one, with OBEY notebook, is only, ahem, $99.99 on eBay, before shipping…

    1. Thank you.
      Leo was a friend’s dog who recently passed : (
      I wanted to send her a little sketch to remember him by…

  2. I liked your poem, LaDonna, especially the way the lines grew longer, the shape expanding, like a flame, and then grew shorter, the flame contracting, or turning to ash.

    1. Thank you! What a stress it is to shop and buy a home, in essence starting over again. I think if I dwindled it even more at the end it would add my intention more clearly. I appreciate your feedback, Leo.

  3. WDC: I can’t thank you enough for your timely write up on the Sears Best Metalist Electric 12! I just bought one and it hasn’t even arrived yet. This is to be my very first electric typewriter and I took a chance on this particular model (had to have the manual carriage return, NOT the power return). That flyer you posted was particularly exciting, and helpful! While I paid more than $6, I’m feeling more confident about purchasing this exact electric model. 😀 I’ll post something with it when it arrives. All the best, Chilly

  4. Catalina, that’s exactly what it is, food insecurity. I put up a good front having my own home, a good credit score, a paid off car that I can barely drive lol. It all comes at a cost. A sad balancing act where I’ve convinced myself that I can come up with a solution on my own rather than ask for a little help. Maybe that’s just what I’ll do!

  5. WDC, I have 2 Sears Electrics, each with a different cosmetic issue. They both operate, though and I bought them for about $11 apiece. One is a Medalist and the ribbon spools are white plastic with chromed-like “hubcap” things in the centers to turn the ribbon by hand. The hoods lift like a Lincoln Continental! When they come out on my desk I might have some questions for you. I really enjoyed your page today.

  6. Tori, Googled NIN “March of the Pigs” lyrics and YouTube “…one of the most unusual metres of any
    song to enjoy popular radio play, alternating three measures of 7/8 time with one measure of 4/4 time in the verses (in effect, a 29/8 time signature). The chorus is in the common 4/4 time signature. As a result, with eighth notes getting the count, the song has a BPM rate of 269. ” Wow, intense; I enjoyed your detaild description even though not a heavy metal afficionado. Rock on.

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