2 thoughts on “Tuesday, August 23, 2022

  1. Beautiful Khalil Gibran poem. A much appreciated reminder. Leo, nice poem! Stopping everything to look up a word is a reset moment. Obsolescence is the hamuli from which literature swings. Love the cursive script, too! Catalina, I now follow the cat you mentioned yesterday! Yes! Stress relief for out infinitesimal small lives. TOM the lined paper does not go unnoticed! Yes, I’m about to try a new type of PT, besides the at home routine I’ve developed and reinforce with on and off attendance over the last 6 years. Dear writer, I’ve never felt “melting pot” quite fit my experience but I remember it being taught in elementary school. Just words, though. I like my soup to have many separate ingredients rather than the puréed variety, pablum. Lots of good anger getting out on paper!

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