6 thoughts on “Wednesday, August 24, 2022

  1. Teat. It seems you have manually enter “change” then put in your email and tag to post to comments.

  2. What wonderful reading today! Smiles visualizing cats writing letters, a puzzle that juggled my math brain to at least remember some of the steps toward solving word problems (no solution though), Xicano keep the flame for which all should feel the burn and act accordingly, the respite of Black Metal where I have long been cradled through many periods of my life as needed-Alex-and the reminder to take care of our online consumption, Leo, I’m just giggling over someone named Balzac although I will educate myself because of your mention, John-a fruitful, enjoyable essay, W. G., this page as a standalone took me straight into the elevator with your characters. Thank you.

  3. Hi, LaDonna. Wiki does offer the ‘ball-sac’ pronunciation as a US alternative; I’ll stick with the French ‘al’ in ‘alimony’ variety, o/w I can’t stop laughing. But he was a very ballsy writer.

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