7 thoughts on “Friday, August 26, 2022

  1. Leo: In german Suicide is masculine. “Der Selbstmord” coming from “Der Mord” being the murder. Translated it’s the self murder.

    What happened to my page? I uploaded it yesterday.

  2. Hi, Catalina. Interesting typo in your OTP today (I find that typos lead to creativity): “The good news is that the word should last 20-30 years.” This reminds me of the Good News Bible (is it still around?) which was used to spread ‘the word’.

    So, which long-lasting word did you get from your dentist? I’m still paying for my last implant. First, he hurts me with the drill. Then he hurts me with the bill. Here in the UK a National Health Service dentist gets paid the same for a patient regardless of whether the work takes half an hour or several weeks – so most dentists plump for private practice, and the sky’s the limit for what many of them charge.

    Hi, Alex. While looking up ‘Selbstmord’ I came across the funniest German word ever:
    Schnuckiputzi…Sweetie pie! But the Collins doesn’t have it, only Schnuckelchen (neutral) which isn’t as much fun. Now, about that suicide…

  3. Congratulations Catalina, an excellent solution from your son, also to you and Chilly for your attempts. I might find some other interesting problems to post. Cheers!

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