8 thoughts on “Saturday, August 27, 2022

  1. Leo: Someone gave me a coffee cup a few years back and it says “you better watch out or you’ll end up in my novel.” This applies to you as “Schnooks Madigow” is THE perfect character for any number of fictional roles! Be on the lookout for my latest novel –

  2. !&?: You have captured my thoughts verbatim…..RIGHT BEFORE I PURCHASE THE VERY MACHINE I’VE TRIED TO TALK MYSELF OUT OF! Hahaha I only own one electric machine (1967 Sears Best Metalist Electric 12). I just bought it, immediately after having talked myself out of buying it if course! I haven’t even tried yet. I’m old school and pretty much committed to manual typewriters, but I think this one may be a little different. We shall see. I agree on the IBM selectric though…not fun to work on, too big, and way too heavy for me man! (The original Gutenberg press probably weighed less than the IBM!)

    1. May the electric avenue you are rocking down take you higher! I’m mangling Eddie Grant here, for some reason this springs to mind…

  3. Greetings Vanilla G, Dubious G and Marni, Nice poem — and that must be an electric cigar box guitar – with 3 strings. Do you use open tuning E-G-E? Or maybe it is just an acoustic 3 string. Oh, yes, I see the glass slide and the finger picks up in the corner of the picture. Blues thing going on.

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