8 thoughts on “Tuesday, August 30, 2022

  1. Hi, Catalina. After mentioning tailings (which, as you point out, is a funeral procession), you say “Erika is alive and well”…if you mean Erica Darrow, I should mention it’s Erato, the second Erato, not Erica in the blue Jeep. All the writing books say “don’t use names that sound similar”…but…Caroline, Cristina, Chioma, Elena, Erica, Erato…Mnemosyne, Malpomene…Clio, Calliope…Anyway, not my fault, you should pay more attention or you’ll have to stay after class. And I hope you’re taking notes! (Smiley face.)

  2. Hi, Hayden quoter: I’m a big fan of Sterling Hayden for his 1950s trio of movies: ‘Asphalt Jungle’ ; ‘The Killing’ and ‘Crime Wave’. There’s a German doc made in 1983 called Pharos of Chaos that you might have seen; unfortunately, he’s high as a kite on dope and booze on his boat and just rambles on about nothing in particular. He never got over the shame of naming names during the HUAC hearings. The FBI threatened him with the removal of custody of his children so he named names they already had.

  3. Hi, Claire. Gave me a bit of a turn there when I noticed it said “Wednesday, 30th August” ; for a moment, I thought it wasn’t Tuesday, and I was supposed to be working!

  4. Sorry, Catalina. Just realised ‘lime green’ not ‘blue Jeep’, you were talking about an Erika typewriter being ‘alive and well’, not Erica Darrow, a person named after an Erika typewriter…coming off the tailing remarks, I misunderstood…the book is always on my mind…You don’t have to stay after school after all…

    1. Yes, Erika with a “K” is Claire’s lime green typewriter. Whew… Your character map has helped immensely. Daily I pray to the patron saint of memory, Mnemosyne (aka Jennifer.)

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