6 thoughts on “THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2022

  1. Hi, Tom. If you go to issue 12 of TypeTown, here:


    you’ll find several interesting articles and photos of Burgess and his typers and even a recording of his wife Liana playing the piano where you can hear Burgess typing in the background!

    “If you are writing on the typewriter, you tend to get the sentence in your head first as a piece of music. Does it sound all right? Is it good?” – Anthony Burgess

  2. Leo, thanks for the link. I enjoyed taking a peek inside the Burgess archive. Interesting audio of his wife playing a popularized minuet of J.S. Bach, “How Gentle is the Rain” with added typewriter accompaniment. Too bad there aren’t more such recordings.

  3. Mike, I was wondering whereabouts in Virginia you live. I’m a native of Newport News but have lived in California the past 25 years.

    1. Tom, I live just west of Williamsburg. Not far from Newport News at all. We’ve been here a bit over 40 years.

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