8 thoughts on “Monday, September 5, 2022

  1. This morning I made my 5th run at making a submission. Four times I received an ACK that my submission was received, but they were never published. This morning will be my final attempt.

    1. Scott, I have no idea why your pages haven’t made it through. I don’t see them in the media library with the rest. I sent an email to you at the address found on QRZ. You can email your pages directly to me.

      1. GA Mike,
        I’ll accept your offer and email to you. I’ve been using an iPad because of the superior camera over my ONN. But this morning while looking for loosedogpress.com my iPad said it was an invalid address. But my ONN brought it up. Maybe therein lies the problem. Maybe iPad doesn’t play well with others. Why am I not surprised?

        Rather than trouble you, I’ll resubmit my 5 Sep OTM with the ONN.

        Many thanks,


  2. Well said LaDonna. WDC’s post made me toss around the whole night, thinking about how people can come to such conclusions. I could only come up with that must they listen only to the propaganda instead of checking what is actually happening. Otherwise I can not explain such an attitude. Logically it makes no sense whatsoever to me. But hey, at least we I where I’m at, with WDC.

      1. I think I would’ve had a hard time sleeping, too had I not dumped these thoughts. I made a comment -putting people in a “reject pile”- last time I got triggered by a post. It is a temporary thing to ignore a problem for my own health, to “reject” what makes me feel sick. The harder thing is to respond in a meaningful way (for myself). Hail Satan, Alex! Your Black Metal Diaries improve my life. Much needed narrative of the feelings that are sometimes hard to pin down.

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