4 thoughts on “Sunday, September 11, 2022

  1. Hi, Catalina. I did get in touch with ACE HARDWARE (who used to be ACME HARDWARE until somebody ran off with the M) but they were sold out of syllables and then they tried to sell me some blog splitters. And the only Scrabble letter they had was in a V-Belt – they wouldn’t sell me the V on its own.They didn’t even have any fish and yet they’ve got the nerve to call themselves ‘The Helpful Plaice’. Huh.

  2. Linda, Sad about your father. Remember all the good times you had together.

    Buying typewriters on line is always challenging. FedEx and the USPS will nearly always destroy them. UPS and DHL have a 100% satisfactory delivery of undamaged electronics and typewriters. When shopping on line for a typewriter I always check the shipper the seller chooses. If it is anything but UPS or DHL I pass. Same with packing, always tell them how to properly pack a typewriter.

  3. Catalina, I agree with you on all the fuss about the queen and I love the imagination you applied to shoe lady! Perhaps she’ll be carried on an ornate pallet by 4 of the queens guard. I can’t take credit for this observation but nonetheless: “how can Charles become the queen? This woke stuff has gone far enough.”

  4. Yo, Catalina, that is one SERIOUS cup & saucer – stunning!

    Great to see sense prevail in the midst of all this government-induced grief. Though the Capten reckons if the post office still ran the mail here they’d have to change all the mailboxes to read C3PO 😀

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