6 thoughts on “Monday, September 12, 2022

  1. Ciao, “Ciao”. Yes, what a different world it would be if people always got smarter as they grew older instead of beginning stupid and either staying that way or doubling down on it until they are absolute morons. Not everyone, of course. And why do so many vote Republican? Conversely, I was in a bookshop with two twenty-somethings in front of me by the poetry section, and the man mansplained to the woman with him about a poet who “despite being older” understood something or other, and he expressed his “amazement” that someone of sixty could understand such a thing. Imagine! A person of sixty! Understanding something! I would’ve said something, except I would have had to reveal my age..

  2. Congrats to new father. I also grew up with an alcoholic dad and bipolar mother. I read books about toxic people and kept my distance to protect my self. You will be a great dad because you will lead by example. If anyone offers to help, let them bring food, take your laundry, or sit while you sleep. Please sign your post with your name to identify you. I am Linda in DC (I use different paper and typewriters) Life will get better every day. Just one day at a time.

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