5 thoughts on “Friday, September 16, 2022

  1. Hi, Catalina. There’s a city in Arizona called Surprise? I’m still getting over the one called Why. I feel a poem coming on…

    Here in London you wouldn’t see a working typewriter, or even a faulty one, going for less than the equivalent of $60 or $70 dollars. I would’ve bought that one and perhaps given it away to some type-curious innocent if I found I could live without it.

  2. Catalina, that does look like a good find. Your point about already possessing enough machines — ones with stories — is well taken. But I agree with Leo, I might’ve snagged that one. Here in Southern California, typewriters in thrift stores are as rare as hens’ teeth. My experience, anyway. A few years ago, I did spot a blue IBM Selectric in mint condition for $15. I couldn’t slip the bills out of my wallet fast enough.

  3. ciao, I found the photo you shared yesterday’s OTP and the Woven Threshholds website: https://www.woventhresholds.com/ quite comforting to look at for some reason. Of course I like the quote from poet Gary Snyder,
    ‘stay together
    learn the flowers
    go light’
    I guess we are from carbon dust, “and thus we shall return….”

  4. Thank you, Catalina, for the acknowledgement, and that you liked the site and objects. Yes… “comforting” is the precise word to describe them, one I had not thought of.

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