7 thoughts on “Friday, September 23, 2022

  1. Leo, thank you for invoking beautiful memories of newspaper stands. I remember that flicker of hope that dad would buy me a sweet, a comic or perhaps even a small plastic toy of some kind. Prisoners indeed.
    Thank you.

  2. Mike in Virginia, also excited to be in DC and finally able to open a window and wear jeans. Been far too hot and humid for me. I see we both have puppy stories too. Archie is 7 months I think. Doesn’t chew hands anymore. Really is pretty good but on walks will eat anything. A guy walked by me and his dog bit Archie and I saw his fur in its mouth. DC is tough place to walk a dog, not enough space. Will never take him to dog parks. Dogs attack each other while owners stare at their phones. Will be alone with him for 2 weeks so hope nothing happens.

    1. Linda, we’re fortunate here near Williamsburg that we have several good parks with walking trails. Of course we have to drive to get there. Louie loves to meet people and dogs but wants to run home if he hears a dog barking while walking in the neighborhood. Yes, he too eats everything he finds!

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