5 thoughts on “Friday, September 30, 2022

  1. LaDonna – oh my goodness, what strength. Thank you for sharing. I usually just skim through, more often than not I’m interested in how a page looks rather than its contents, but I couldn’t stop reading your “onepage”. Your voice will help others. Secrets are never a good thing. I’m glad you’re finding peace now.

    1. LaDonna,
      I’m sorry you suffered such abuse. Your page brought tears to my eyes. It’s also very well written. Thanks for writing ans posting it.

      Daniel B.

  2. “Tsundoku” – what an excellent word! I’ve stopped buying physical books, stopped entering charity shops, strictly the public library and my Kindle Paperwhite, which has more than 900 books on it and fits in my pocket. Avoiding the siren call of secondhand books that are going to end up in impossible piles is rather liberating. And I only keep books if I’m going to read them again. I’m practically cured of ‘tsundoku’!

    1. Excellent. I’m partly there, I love my KIndle but the lure of art books is too much for me I’m afraid. The piles exist; although . . . I do read them : )

  3. LaDonna – Thank you for sharing your devastating post. The roots of abuse are nurtured by silence and suppression. While no one can un-do such abuse, revelation is a core step towards healing. Recognizing and choosing to end the familial abuse cycle in your life by your actions is a demonstration of tremendous strength.

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