5 thoughts on “Tuesday, October 4, 2022

  1. LaDonna, I understand what you mean about a walk. With chronic illness and pain everyday you have to weigh the options of going out. I love walking and saying hello to everyone I pass. I was in Portland 10 years ago so did stop by Voodoo donuts. Portland is a fun city. I need to get dressed and head out for a walk soon too.

  2. Mike in VA, Nice looking vintage Silvertone; always good to have a guitar with which you can knock around. I guess woodworking is another of your many talents. Check the intonation by playing a harmonic at the 12th fret for each string – and adjust the bridge accordingly. The string height is another matter; you want to be comfortable and have playability. Have fun. Also, what model and year is your Martin guitar?

    1. Catalina, I play at a lot of things but my woodworking skills are pretty crude. I sometimes like to rescue neglected instruments but they haven’t always worked out. As for the Martin, a nearly new 000-18, I dropped it off at a well respected guitar tech this afternoon for a setup. It’s important to know ones limitations.

  3. Chilly, I have in-laws in Florida, and I am thinking of them when I read your typed pages. Glad you and yours are holding up and doing well — and much better than the worst we have seen in the media. Gratitude.

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