5 thoughts on “Saturday, October 15, 2022

    1. Claire, All readable. Good to hear from you and your studies, projects and relationships. Corset? Like Cabaret?

  1. I prefer to buy vintage ribbons in boxes which often come with metal spools, I’ve got hundreds, of all kinds, and I prefer silk, when I can get it – the odd bargain turns up on Ebay now and then, but recently I was stumped because I didn’t know that the 1978 ribbons (still wet and inky, would’ve typed like new) were 5/8 of an inch instead of half an inch, and they don’t fit any spool I’ve got, which wouldn’t fit, probably, any typer I’ve got. The box is marked ‘National’ and it’s old government stock, but maybe not for typers? I can’t find any info about them online, only 1″ and 5/8, which is something else.

  2. m**e, Welcome to One Typed Page, although we might have read something from you without a reference to a name. Emily Dickinson is the mother of modern poetry (in my humble opinion) Great homage to her in your columnized poetry. The crossed out words are almost as interesting as the chosen. Check out _My Emily Dickinson _ by Susan Howe. Or maybe you know her work already. Emily made notes on word substitution at the bottom of her poems.

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