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  1. Mike, thank you for your comment. I’m happy to say I missed that whole drama. I guess that’s why I and others have checked out of OTP. This country is full of cruelty and hate. I loved OTP because it was a safe space for lovers of typing to share experiences. I remember people telling of their spouses love, sharing recipes, discussing workplaces, covid and other topics of interest. I would like to see the comments option removed now. Let’s see if people return to its original intent. Whoever puts together the days posting should pull anything that is offensive to others. Will people who now just read it start contributing again? I miss those kind folks with lots to share. It just takes a few to ruin the experience for all.

    1. Mike, Thanks for typing up something on this, especially because you are curator for these two months. The warthog allegory, as I called it, was cruel and crude as it refers to people. And we are all people. One should type, think, and take a breath, before posting on OTP.

    2. I’m one of those contributors who learned of OTP soon after Daniel began it in 2020, but stopped submitting a month or more ago. The negativity got to me. I still sometimes read OTP but I’ve lost interest. If it went away, in the state that it’s in, I wouldn’t miss it. The ranting by one, sometime two, writers here has grown old and tiresome. I’m glad for the couple of friends/pen pals I made, though. As for the warthog piece…no one should be allowed to post without signing. That’s lame.

  2. This from the OTP main page: “it’s the intention of this site to provide hope & healing”. More from the OTP main page, specifically regarding images: “consider the readers who find solace and healing within One Typed Page. While we welcome all typed pages, it’s easy for readers to skip a page if the style is not to their liking. It’s hard to skip images. And for that reason, if the image wouldn’t be shown to a class of first graders, it won’t be displayed on One Typed Page.”

    SUGGESTION: Perhaps we need to tweak the guidelines to include not only images, but written submissions as well. It’s a simple guideline that’s already in place, let’s just expand it to apply to written submissions and enforce by simply not posting hateful or otherwise inappropriate content (the curator’s call). I have spent many years teaching first graders so I can tell you right now the writer of the Warthog and the Unicorn would not have been permitted to share this with my class, I don’t care how artistic or poetic or impactful or expressive the author is attempting to be. It’s inappropriate for an audience of first graders, so it’s inappropriate for OTP. How hard is that?
    Let’s please not let OTP die- I’ve been an OTP consumer for quite some time and I miss Barbara’s blue martinis and fresh baked bread, Linda’s stationary and compassionate comments, Mike’s morning runs with the squirrels, and workplace insights, Catalina’s tea ☕️, Daniel’s travels, Joe@abq, on and on – the list of the OTP greats is a very long one. Let’s simply set the trash out to the curb before it’s automatically served to the entire OTP community. We all need a safe space for hope & healing, now more than ever. If you are reading this and you used to post more regularly, please re-commit to the original intent and vision of OTP and post something good, something encouraging, something up-lifting. Otherwise, the entire OTP community will likely fizzle out due to continued attrition.

  3. Adding a name or moniker on one’s page would help a lot. I never read certain people’s pages, for my own physical health. For now I will scan past anything written in the unusual typeface the story was typed with, but I want the writer to know that was a real shitty thing to do, posting that on here without at least a CW (Content Warning).

  4. I peeled off many months months ago as I saw the demeanor of OTP changing. I visit (to read) occasionally now but with caution. Thanks to all who are trying to make this a vibrant, hopeful community.

  5. It’s good to see the expressions of support for One Typed Page. When we assemble the pages we try to act as curators rather than editors. Each morning I give the pages a quick skim and add them in a mostly random order. I hate to be a censor and I trust our regular posters. True, we have many posts containing strong emotions and some that generate strong emotions in our readers. That’s usually ok. We may have to start paying closer attention to pages from new and anonymous posters.

    I agree with LaDonna and Barbara that it would be helpful if everyone signed their pages. It doesn’t have to be your real name as many of us post pseudononymously. Just pick a name and stick to it.

  6. The current topic is tricky. I understand the sensibilities and reservations expressed in the comments section today. However, as this space acts as a type of public forum, proposing to limit or remove content based on viewpoint (not specific restrictions against libel, defamation, or anything prohibited by WordPress) is problematic.

    While not claiming to speak for Daniel on this particular issue, One Typed Page’s foundational notes include: “While it’s the intention of this site to provide hope & healing, pages submitted may claw at your nerves, cause bouts of asphyxiation, dizziness, drowsiness or excitability.”

    The piece referenced by Mike is intentionally obnoxious and pointed, but pretty clearly recognized as satire. Satire generally isn’t subtle. It’s meant to push buttons, cross lines, and perhaps attempt to settle scores. To those who don’t agree with the author’s POV, it may feel like a personal attack. But such submissions aren’t weapons; they are (literally) one typed page.

    I’m enough of a free-speech purist to recognize that much of what I read on anything that matters may be unsettling. My worldview and my specific beliefs are frequently questioned and sometimes mocked. In these instances, I can choose to ignore or engage. Silencing dissenting voices is not my preferred option.

    The suggestion that all pages should be attributed is explicitly disallowed in OTP’s submission guidelines: “We won’t post your name. You can include it on the typed page if you want, but otherwise you’ll be anonymous.” The rules can certainly be changed, but before doing so, please consider the ramifications for those who feel the need to express ideas – especially uncomfortable ones – that they would prefer not be linked back to them directly.

    This is a good community, but it consists of human beings, in all their brokenness. I’d vote against trying to make it a Typer’s Paradise.

  7. Mr. Murphy is right in all particulars. I don’t know why there’s such a fuss. Hell, I thought the thing was funny.

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