5 thoughts on “Wednesday, October 19, 2022

  1. Listen Folks, when you come to a new place/website you like, you tend to only look at the things that are great and overlook the things that are not. You wanna fit in so you are silent when something happens that you don’t agree with. After a while though you feel like you are becoming a part of a community and now you want that community more and more to be what you think a good community would be like. Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but neither is this a real community nor is your idea of what a community should be like a blueprint anybody will agree with. I’ve seen it over and over in the web. There is just one way to get over this phase, go back to the start/ Ignore the bad stuff, look at the stuff that is helping you. And, most importantly, share something new, something that is worth resding about. Otherwise, if you change this place, change the rules, yes, this place, with all its freedom and random greatness, will disappear.
    Just my 50 cents.

  2. King of Queens, I have a matching typewriter to your queen. I love mine and yes the way it was made is astonishing. On YouTube I found a video where the guy describes every inch of the machine. Enjoy it!

  3. King of Queens – That Voss is built like a tank, and they’re not making any more of them. I suspect you made the right call.

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