8 thoughts on “Saturday, October 22, 2022

    1. WG, Love to see those. By the way, I missed the OTP deadline this morning. You will see my OTP tomorrow.

      1. Sorry Catalina. I saw your page right after I clicked the publish button. I admit the deadline is somewhat casual, sometime between coffee and Louie’s walk.

  1. I don’t recall seeing the racist allegory LaDonna mentioned today. The only allegory I’ve seen lately was the story of the warthog and the unicorn that appeared recently and it was certainly not racist.I don’t recall ever seeing anything racist posted on OTP. Nor was there anything wrong with posting the piece anonymously. As Brendan Murphy recently pointed out, we are not required to give our names when we submit.

  2. Leo, “Agar-arbis” is “it’s drizzling” in Ilocano. And, as such, your different examples of the words for rain, a type of rain, are all onomatopoeia. The sound of the word imitating the action. “Tabu-tabu” is the Ilocano word for pouring a cup or bucket of water over oneself to bathe, which my mother translated into English as a “splish-splash.”

    1. Hi, Catalina. Yes, I would hope all English teachers (like myself) would know what onomatopoeia is. And Kid Creole and the Coconuts popularised the word by using it in the chorus of “Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy”. I didn’t want the page to sound academic, so I went with ‘…the Spanish don’t have a word for ‘pitter-patter…’ “drizzle” is a beautiful onomatopoeic word – English is rich in such words.

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