7 thoughts on “Monday, October 24, 2022

  1. Hi, Tom. Thanks for the interest in CAROLINE SAYS. Yes, everything I’ve done so far, except for about the next ten pages, is on OTP, but the calendar system isn’t very user-friendly, and I didn’t date my pages in the beginning; in fact, most of the first part is on very dark blue paper and single-spaced, not very reader-friendly, mea culpa, and I give Caroline two names (she becomes Nicole) on the same page. She began life as Nicole in my head before she changed to Caroline.

    I hope your health improves. It is medically proven that reading is good for you; that’s the only medical advice I dare to give!

  2. Thank you, Tom, for the comments about the receipt poems, and for bringing Ammons to my attention. I’ve downloaded both volumes of his complete poetry. The name did ring a bell, he won some major awards, but he’s one of the many I never got around to. Something to look forward to!

    By the way, the picture of the two shelves of typewriter ribbons are mine, ammunition for my 16 typers. More than a hundred, and most of them at least 50 or 60 years old, sealed inside, and mostly working. The Wild Jasmine tins are filled with empty metal spools. I’m worried I might run out of ribbons. I’m bidding on four more this week…

    1. I’ve even been able to find a couple of local Type Pals and connect on Instagram! It’s really been a fun resource, checking out member’s blogs and such.

  3. JVC, I appreciate what you said in your post today but there’s that nagging caveat under “guidelines and disclaimer.” What to make of it?

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