7 thoughts on “Wednesday, October 26, 2022

  1. As I’ve mentioned before, nowhere in all of London to get a typewriter fixed. Nowhere that advertises, anyway. So I take my faulty Underwood 18 (I painted the spool cover red) to the local Oxfam shop, just yesterday, and today it’s on sale on Ebay as ‘mechanically fine’ even though I’ve attached a loose part that belongs to the line spacer onto the spool cover with masking tape because the spacer doesn’t work, and this is clearly visible in the main photo, and no mention of proceeds going to charity: talk about scams!

  2. Leo, Your poem; of year round family drama – even when family members are long gone. The memory of all that.

  3. Hi, Catalina. Every new death is a reminder of previous ones. Crematorium next Thursday for my brother-in-law. It’s a sad time, with many adjustments, but one appreciates what one has. The cancer took everything away from him- his voice, his hearing, his speech, his dignity- before it was done with him.

  4. In answer to your question: no. Jimmy Meantimo is definitely dead, although his body has not been found. There’s no coming back from a bullet through the heart. I might re-post a ‘flashback’ page (page 123). As Ferguson suspects, someone is using him for their own ends. Almost ‘all’ will be revealed by the end of part 3 when Chioma pieces it together.

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