6 thoughts on “Friday, October 28, 2022

    1. I had my checkbook out, and then saw it was a Cyrillic font. Ah, cruel fate!

      The seller has a very nice Etsy store page, with quite a few overpriced typewriters (and ribbons), but apparently only 1 sale? Might want to reconsider his pricing structure.

      1. Brendan, I would’ve bought it myself, after obtaining a second mortgage on my soul, but then I saw that the shipping was more than £80. Too much to pay to have a priceless artefact destroyed by underpaid postal workers.

    2. Leo, I look at it this way: the market value of my 3, ooops, 4 Olympias (SF, SF DeLuxe, SM DeLuxe and Splendid 33) all went up; momentarily. Beautiful photos of that Model 8 – 1947.

  1. Commenting to a particular OTP’er (is that the term?) can be discouraging, particularly when they choose to remain anonymous. But here goes. You’ll know who you are, if you read this.

    Cats, gatos, do not meow to communicate with each other. I read somewhere that it is a form of communication reserved for their human caregivers. The one exception I can think of is the relentless meowing of kittens wanting to suckle.

    Our two kittens meowed at their mother before we adopted them. Now, they meow at us for food or attention. Most often, food. But, I have observed, they never meow at each other. (I’m not counting cries from rough play as meows.)

    My wife and I hoped for two vocal cats, and we have them.

    I enjoyed your post.

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