7 thoughts on “Tuesday, November 1, 2022

  1. My page is a tribute to typewriter fever dreams. Those 2 Sears machines went into the closet and I haven’t taken them out since July. Maybe after my hand heals…

    1. LaDonna, I think that extra key is a safety device when a typewriter is used type manual checks. You would use that key as a spacer before and after the typed amount in words, so that the typed amount could not be defaced or tampered. The $ amount would be numerical. Just a guess.

      1. That makes sense! I remember getting a paycheck from the gas station and it had these blocks on either side of the written part of the check amount.

  2. Leo and Brendan, Thanks for your kind comments about my drawing. I’ve been in the hospital the past two days (cardiac) and would’ve responded yesterday. As for Sean Phillips, he’s simply the best.

    1. Tom, I’m sorry to hear that. Thank goodness for medical interventions and personnel. Best wishes for healing and comfort!

  3. Regarding that multi-dot key, there is an extensive 2-page discussion of it here.
    There are some links to pics of it in action that didn’t work for me but maybe they will for you (you can’t copy/paste; you have to retype them).

    Regarding that “power ribbon”, it is there because that typewriter featured an optional 4-color ribbon, black over red on one half of its length and blue and green on the other half. The power advance was needed for quickish access to the other half.

    Continuing thanks to all of you for your OTPs!

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