7 thoughts on “Tuesday, November 8, 2022

  1. Wow, Catalina that was a frightening experience for all of you! I’m glad everyone is home safe.

  2. Catalina – so glad your family is okay! They aren’t kidding about Subaru safety.

    I hadn’t typed about it yet, but three weeks ago, my car was hit head-on by a drunk driver going the wrong way up a connector ramp to a major artery. If my Nissan hadn’t acted as his bumper car, he would have made it up the ramp into oncoming traffic doing 50+ mph. Post-impact, he also tried to flee but was unable to do so because of engine damage.

    My vehicle was a total loss, but all of the safety equipment did its job admirably and I walked away with only some sore ribs and shoulders, and my insurance covered the loss quickly and easily. Now turning my attention to going after the perp.

  3. Wow, Catalina, that must have been a shock. All the best to your husband and son; thank goodness they’re sore but otherwise OK.

    And Leo – that’s a cracker of a 5-minute receipt poem. All the zigs and zags until the final twist, all in a single paragraph.

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